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There are many different types family law cases in Arizona. Phoenix family law attorney Tracy Augustin has over 10 years of experience and has an excellent peer rating among other Phoenix family law lawyers in Arizona.

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The Phoenix family law attorneys at Augustin Law understand what it takes to get results in these types of complex cases. Our job as your family law lawyer is to review all documents pertaining to the case, any evidence, financial information and understand your side of the case in order for our legal team to properly prepare for the best legal representation that you can afford. Call us today for a free 30 minute phone consultation at 602-910-2742. Need to File divorce in Arizona? Talk to us now.

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Family Law

Arizona child custody laws are unique to say the least as there are different types of custody a parent can have concerning their child. In many divorce and family law cases, child custody is most commonly contested. 

Attorney Tracy Augustin has helped many families and individuals with complicated divorce issues in Phoenix, Arizona. Filing divorce can be a challenging situation for any couple as it is a life changing event in one's life. Mrs. Augustin has represented hundreds of clients with success.